Death at Four Corners (Anthony Gilbert)

By Anthony Gilbert First published: UK, Collins, 1929 A corpse in clerical clothing is found on a platform overlooking the sea, near the estate of Sir Gervase Blount, nobleman and clergyman. The dead man has been shot through the head.  For good measure, he is clutching a button; has a livid blue mark round his … Continue reading Death at Four Corners (Anthony Gilbert)

The Crime Conductor (Philip MacDonald)

By Philip MacDonaldFirst published: US: Doubleday, 1931; UK: Collins, 1932 ★★ I recently wrote that the Humdrums were ingenious, but rarely clever. Philip MacDonald has cleverness in spades. In his best books, he tried to do something new. He invented the serial killer novel, and the "race-against-time-to-save-a-man-from-the-rope" novel.  He put the epilogue first and the prologue … Continue reading The Crime Conductor (Philip MacDonald)