H.C. Bailey

H.C. Bailey was one of the Big Five writers of the Golden Age, mentioned in the same breath as Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Many critics - among them Dorothy L. Sayers, Howard Haycraft (Murder for Pleasure, 1941), and Torquemada (The Observer, 31 March 1935) - considered him one of the genre's … Continue reading H.C. Bailey

Detective fiction: A brief overview

From Sherlock Holmes to WWI The modern detective story is generally considered to have begun in 1887, when the immortal Sherlock Holmes appeared in A Study in Scarlet.  The work wasn't a success, but the long series of short stories, beginning in 1891 with "A Scandal in Bohemia", made Holmes, and his creator, Arthur Conan … Continue reading Detective fiction: A brief overview