Secrets Can’t Be Kept (E.R. Punshon)

By E.R. Punshon First published: UK: Gollancz, 1944; US: Macmillan, 1946 One of the best of the Wychshire stories.  It’s slow moving (and Gollancz’s miniscule print doesn’t help), but Punshon creates a strong feeling of something dreadful, as ordinary people are suddenly revealed as strange and sinister.  It’s very much an atmospheric, character-driven story—Bobby talks to … Continue reading Secrets Can’t Be Kept (E.R. Punshon)

Dictator’s Way (E.R. Punshon)

By E.R. Punshon First published: UK: Gollancz, 1938; US: Hillman-Curl, 1938, as Death of a Tyrant Like Crossword Mystery, this is an attack on fascism and totalitarianism, based (according to the prologue) on a topical event—which disproves the commonly held theory that English detective writers weren’t interested in politics or social commentary.  (They tend not … Continue reading Dictator’s Way (E.R. Punshon)