Cold Poison (Stuart Palmer)

By Stuart Palmer

First published: US, Doubleday, 1954; UK, Collins, 1954, as Exit Laughing

My review

An amusing trifle set at a Los Angeles cartoon studio – but no great shakes as a detective story.

Contemporary reviews

Kirkus (1st February 1954, 60w)

NY Herald Tribune Bk R (James Sandoe, 18th April 1954, 140w):

Mr. Palmer has rarely been more genial in manner, more amusingly allusive, and rarely has he plotted a book with more absolute ineptitude.  His murderer is all too plain for all that his confession at last is rather convenient than credible.  The ordinary rules of fair play (between an author and his reader) are in abeyance and the book is saved only by the incidental flourishes.


Chicago Sunday Tribune (Drexel Drake, 2nd May 1954, 110w)

San Francisco Chronicle (9th May 1954, 60w)

NY Times (Anthony Boucher, 16th May 1954, 130w):

The plot is well-constructed and ingeniously (if not quite fairly) clued; it’s grand to welcome Hildy back among fiction’s sleuths, and please, Palmer—no more long waits between novels.


New Yorker (22nd May 1954, 100w)

Sat R (Sergeant Cuff, 22nd May 1954, 20w):

Plus mark.


Springfield Republican (8th August 1954, 70w)