Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Born: 22 May 1859, Edinburgh
  • Died: 7 July 1930, Crowborough, UK
  • Detective: Sherlock Holmes

“Of the characters created by living writers of fiction none is known to so many readers as Sherlock Holmes; and it is not merely his trade that is suggested by the mention of his name, but also his habits, his habitat, his henchman.  Divide the people who had an opportunity of knowing Holmes into people who think and people who do not think, and the proportion who took advantage of the opportunity is probably higher in the first class than in the second.  Holmes is not the idol of a clique; it is not a mark of culture to know him; but not to know him is a sign of lacking some common sense of humanity.” – Times Literary Supplement, 23 June 1927

Created Sherlock Holmes.  Also liked Irish terriers.  Nuff said.


  1. A Study in Scarlet (1887) ***
  2. The Sign of Four (1890) ****
  3. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1891) *****
  4. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1893) ****
  5. The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902) *****
  6. The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1903) *****
  7. The Valley of Fear (1914) ****
  8. His Last Bow (1917) ****
  9. The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (1921) ***