The Mind Readers (Margery Allingham)

Allingham - The Mind Readers.jpg

Rating: 1 out of 5.

One of Allingham’s few (mercifully few) outstanding failures. Needless complications (all recounted in Allingham’s obscure manner) fail to disguise the absence of a plot. The murderer is known very early on, revealed and killed some chapters before the end, which is an anti-climax rivalled only by the behaviour of Albert Campion.

Contemporary reviews

Times Literary Supplement (2nd December 1965): Alas, there is no pretending now that Miss Allingham’s Mr. Campion novels are as compulsive as once they were.  This one, with its incredible mind-reading schoolboys, its as incredible boffins, villains and loved ones (the Canon, Lady Amanda, &c.) is in effect a gothico-romantic thriller in a nearly modern idiom.