Lynn Brock

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Pseudonym of Alister McAllister  (1877-1943)

McAllister was born in Dublin and educated at the National University of Ireland, where he became Chief Clerk. He served in British Intelligence and in the machine gun corps during WW1.


  1. The Deductions of Colonel Gore (1924; also published as The Barrington Mystery)
  2. Colonel Gore’s Second Case (1925)
  3. The Kink: Colonel Gore’s Third Case (1927)
  4. The Slip-Carriage Mystery (1928; Colonel Gore)
  5. The Dagwort Coombe Murder (1929; published in the US as The Stoke Silver Case)
  6. The Mendip Mystery (1929; Colonel Gore; published in the US as Murder at the Inn)
  7. Q. E. D. (1930; Colonel Gore; published in the US as Murder on the Bridge)
  8. Nightmare (1932)
  9. The Silver Sickle Case (1938; Sgt. Venn & D.C. Kither)
  10. Fourfingers (1939; Sgt. Venn & D.C. Kither)
  11. The Riddle of the Roost (1939; Sgt. Venn & D.C. Kither)
  12. The Stoat (1940; Colonel Gore)

What the critics say

Frank Swinnerton: Lynn Brock has a fine sense of character, and the power to excite

Rose Macaulay: He is a very clever writer. He has agreeable literary style, a good descriptive touch, a gift for drawing lifelike people, and a lively sense of dramatic incident.