The Prime Minister’s Pencil (Cecil Waye)

By Cecil Waye

First published: UK, Hodder & Stoughton, 1933

I read this without realizing Street wrote it.  I skimmed through it.  The plot, from memory, is preposterous – nuclear bombs in pencils that only kill the person holding them, rather than devastating half London.

Blurb (UK)

Christopher Perrin is a veritable cause célèbre – Christopher Perrin, who has already great claims to distinction for his handling of the case of “The Murder at Monk’s Barn” and the mystery centring round “The Figure of Eight”.

But this new tangle is the biggest job he has yet tackled – it is none other than the detection of the murderer of the Prime Minister of Great Britain – a murder so subtle and scientific that Scotland Yard itself, with all sorts of clues, remained completely baffled.