A Banner for Pegasus (John and Emery Bonett)

  • By John and Emery Bonett
  • First published: UK: Michael Joseph, 1951; US: Doubleday, 1951, as Not in the Script

Amusing but very light. A film crew goes to a small village to make a film about a local miracle clearly based on Lady Godiva: St Petronella, a shepherdess, bathed in the reservoir and purified it, but was seen by a disreputable yokel, whom the villagers blinded for his temerity. Seen largely from POV of girl reporter, in love with the art director, Paul, whom she suspects of killing the director, who we are repeatedly told is unsympathetic but never comes across as anything more than comic relief. Because the book concentrates on proving Paul’s innocence rather than investigating other possibilities, the detection is very slight, which is a waste of the situation. The murderer is guessable, because they’re the only person with a conceivable motive for destroying the director and his film.