Proof, Counter Proof (E. R. Punshon)

By E. R. Punshon

First published: UK, Benn, 1931

My review

This second exploit of Carter and Bell is immeasurably superior to their first, The Unexpected Legacy, a dated thriller about the White Slave Trade (which only J.J. Connington handled in an acceptable manner). Here, the thrills are those provided by the working out of the complex plot involving the death of a wicked businessman, with suspicion falling on his former mistresses, of whom there are many. The detection is far superior to that of the earlier book, with the obnoxious Carter and his gloomy yet more intelligent subordinate functioning very well indeed. The solution is an anti-climax, but the clues are notably good.

Contemporary reviews


Mr. E. R. Punshon is one of the most entertaining and readable of our sensational novelists because his characters really live and are not merely pegs from which a mystery depends…A really capital yarn.


The Nottingham Guardian:

Sergeant Bell of Scotland Yard is a delightfully quaint and amusing addition to the long gallery of fiction sleuths.  Mr. Punshon blends humour with excitement very pleasantly.


Morning Post:

An ingenious tale.