Clifford Witting

  • Born: Lewisham, Greater Kent, London, 1907
  • Died: Surrey, 1968


  1. Murder in Blue (1937)
  2. Midsummer Murder (1937)
  3. The Case of the Michaelmas Goose (1938)
  4. Catt Out of the Bag (1939)
  5. Measure for Murder (1941)
  6. Subject – Murder (1945)
  7. Let X Be the Murderer (1947)
  8. Dead on Time (1948)
  9. A Bullet for Rhino (1950)
  10. The Case of the Busy Bees (1952)
  11. Silence After Dinner (1953)
  12. Mischief in the Offing (1958)
  13. There Was a Crooked Man (1960)
  14. Driven to Kill (1961)
  15. Villainous Saltpetre (1962)
  16. Crime in Whispers (1964)


Time and Tide: Is of the Crofts-Wade school of police novelists but snappier than either of his masters.

Daily Telegraph: Written with refreshing vitality and humour, and can produce a neat problem and an ingenious solution.

Daily Graphic: Has mastered his technique.

The Times: Plays fair with the reader from start to finish.

Sunday Times: Has a proper idea of the way in which a detective novel should be constructed. … Has a light hand with policemen.

The Star: Has the stuff in him.