Limiers in the limelight

I haven’t posted since mid-February; I’ve been finishing a major project, which has taken much of my time. I’ve read few detective stories, partly for lack of time, partly for lack of inclination. I have 90-odd on my Kindle, and a lot on my shelves to reread – but finding a really satisfying detective story … Continue reading Limiers in the limelight

The Murder of Sigurd Sharon (Harriette Ashbrook)

By Harriette AshbrookFirst published: US: Coward McCann, 1933. Available on Kindle. ★★★★★ Cecily Thane was an orthodox Vancian investigation; Steven Kester was a country house mystery. In her third mystery, Ashbrook tries the ‘hero walks into enigmatic situation’. Spike Tracy’s car breaks down in Vermont; high-spirited Jill takes him home to meet her family, whom … Continue reading The Murder of Sigurd Sharon (Harriette Ashbrook)

The Ginger Cat Mystery (Forsythe)

By Robin ForsytheFirst published: UK: 1935 ★★ Like Forsythe’s other detective stories, this is a pleasant but minor work. A businessman dies, apparently from natural causes, soon after marrying his much younger second wife; his body is exhumed, but no trace of foul play is found. Then his son, who pushed for the autopsy, is … Continue reading The Ginger Cat Mystery (Forsythe)