Mr. Fortune, Please (H. C. Bailey)

By H.C. Bailey First published: UK, Methuen, 1927; US, Dutton, 1928 Blurb (UK) This book contains another series of episodes in the life of that fascinating investigator of crime, Mr. Reginald Fortune. My review The first thing that will strike a modern reader is that Mr. Fortune and Lomas, head of the C.I.D., are apparently a … Continue reading Mr. Fortune, Please (H. C. Bailey)

The Wrong Man (H. C. Bailey)

By H.C. Bailey First published: US, Doubleday, 1945; UK, Macdonald, 1946 Blurb (US) Colonel Baker of the American Army felt that he owed his life to the bravery of British Army Officer Bill Thirl.  When Baker got back to England he learned that Bill had been reported captured and shot by the Germans, so he journeyed … Continue reading The Wrong Man (H. C. Bailey)