Murder Will In (Carolyn Wells)

By Carolyn Wells First published: J.B.  Lippincott, 1942 Carolyn Well's 82nd and final mystery. "Carolyn Wells might have wished the long legend of her tale spinning to turn out in just this way," Will Cuppy wrote. "She left behind one of her best stories in many years, a mystery full of her special qualities and … Continue reading Murder Will In (Carolyn Wells)

The Clue (Carolyn Wells)

By Carolyn Wells First published: USA, Lippincott, 1909 This is the first mystery by Carolyn Wells, the Florence Foster Jenkins of the detective story. In her day, she was one of America's best-selling mystery writers, and the teenage John Dickson Carr devoured her books. Posterity has generally been less kind. "The worst cock-and-bull story ever … Continue reading The Clue (Carolyn Wells)