There May Be Danger (Jerrold)

  • By Ianthe Jerrold
  • First published: UK, Aldus Publicans – Francis Aldor, 1948, as by Geraldine Bridgman

Is there? one may well ask. There’s little sign of any danger until almost the end of the book.

A ‘resting’ (read: out-of-work) young actress sets off to the depths of Wales to find a missing evacuee boy. The story is dull in a pleasant way. There are gypsies, poachers, colonels who want to hunt foxes, prehistoric burial mounds, cows to milk, and long descriptions of countryside.

But there’s really little criminous intent – bar a torch shone through the window of a deserted cottage, the heroine’s nerves, and the promise of adventures in cellars and secret tunnels.

Once the danger does appear – in Chapter 18 – the pace picks up. The heroine and her plucky boy chums are pursued underground; they hide in hayricks from villains; and discover villainy behind friendly faces and (yes) danger in sanctuary. It’s traditional, but well handled. In fact, it’s all very Enid Blyton.

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