Killed in the Ratings (William L. DeAndrea)

Heterosexual male fantasy, and adolescent at that.  (“You’re acting like the teacher caught you hiding a hard-on under your math book.”)  Narrator is television junior executive Matt Cobb – young, tall, handsome; working-class, but stays in swish apartment; defender of English grammar, but one of the guys.  He finds corpse; lies to the cops; becomes suspect number one; fights gangsters; and resists women who want to bed him.  One’s an ex-girlfriend (“Her breasts, small but perfect, asserted themselves against the flowered fabric…”); another’s his boss’s reformed junkie daughter (“sleek and brown all over, except where the blue work shirt tied under her chest gapped to show the creamy side of a young breast”).  Too much like Jim Butcher (writer of hard-boiled supernatural schlock popular with the sub-literate), so tossed it aside.

4 thoughts on “Killed in the Ratings (William L. DeAndrea)

  1. Hm. Sorry you didn’t like it.

    I haven’t read this one, but many DeAndreas are very good: The HOG Murders is probably his best as a pure puzzle (the solution’s not too difficult to figure out, but it’s fair-play and, as far as I know, original), and Killed on the Ice, Killed on the Rocks, and Killed in Paradise are very good indeed. KiP has a great “baffling clue.”

    His books also aren’t pure plot: they’re genuine stories.


  2. I think I picked this title up gratis for my Kindle… I’ve read only two DeAndreas, both in his Russia/U.S. espionage cycle (Cronus & Azrael — thought it might be appropriate with our current Prez’s affinity for Papa Putin). I enjoyed them, but they’re more Robert Ludlum than Ian Fleming. Never got into bed with Matt Cobb, but apparently I would have to navigate around the various blondes and brunettes with their small, creamy breasts already there first.


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