Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?

Second-hand bookshops are some of the most dangerous places in the world.

It’s impossible for me to enter one and not spend a couple of hundred dollars.  (This is Australian money; think of it as about 15 pounds sterling.)

The one where I’m living this year is closing, and everything is going at half price.  I walked out with (deep breath):

[Crime fiction]

  1. The House of Doctor Dee (Peter Ackroyd)
  2. What Dread Hand? (Christianna Brand)
  3. Gentlemen of the Road (Michael Chabon)
  4. The Salterton Trilogy (Robertson Davies)
  5. The Cornish Trilogy (“”)
  6. The Cunning Man (“”)
  7. High Spirits (“”)
  8. The Rose of Tibet (Lionel Davidson)
  9. Smith’s Gazelle (“”)
  10. The Green Gene (Peter Dickinson)
  11. Seven Gothic Tales (Isak Dinesen = Karen Blixen)
  12. Seven Days in New Crete (Robert Graves)
  13. The Little World of Don Camillo (Giovanni Guareschi)
  14. The Good Soldier Svejk (Jaroslav Hašek)
  15. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner (James Hogg)
  16. Who’s Afraid of Beowulf (Tom Holt)
  17. My Hero (“”)
  18. Ye Gods! (“”)
  19. Top Bloody Secret (Stanley Hyland)
  20. Message from Sirius (Cecil Jenkins)
  21. A Calabash of Diamonds (Margaret Lane)
  22. Marius the Epicurean (Walter Pater)
  23. The Praise Singer (Mary Renault)
  24. The Nature of Alexander (“”)
  25. Nightmares of Eminent Persons (Bertrand Russell)
  26. Knight After Knight (Sheila Sancha)
  27. The Search (C.P. Snow)
  28. The Masters (“”)
  29. Boomerang (Helen Simpson)
  30. Pleasures of Music (ed. Jacques Barzun)
  31. How to Enjoy Opera Without Really Trying (John Cargher)
  32. The Opera (Robert Donington)
  33. A Season of Opera: From Orpheus to Ariadne (M. Owen Lee)
  34. Opera Nights (Ernest Newman)
  35. and the scripts to Elizabeth R


In recent weeks, I have also bought:

  1. Take Two at Bedtime (Margery Allingham)
  2. Palace Without Chairs (Brigid Brophy)
  3. Pomp and Circumstance (Noel Coward)
  4. Fatal Relations (Margaret Erskine)
  5. Valmouth & Other Stories (Ronald Firbank)
  6. Third Crime Lucky (Anthony Gilbert)
  7. Tenant for the Tomb (“”)
  8. Cage Me a Peacock ( (Noel Langley)
  9. There’s a Porpoise Close Behind Us (“”)
  10. The Rift in the Lute (“”)
  11. Case in the Clinic (E.C.R. Lorac)
  12. The Sixteenth Staircase (“”)
  13. Dangerous Domicile (“”)
  14. Death of a Lady Killer (“”, as Carol Carnac)
  15. The Colour of Blood (Brian Moore)
  16. I Am Mary Dunne (“”)
  17. The Great Victorian Collection (“”)
  18. The Reproductive System (John Sladek)
  19. Immortal Coil (Peter Van Greenaway)
  20. The Haunted Monastery and The Chinese Maze Murders (Robert Van Gulik)
  21. and a lot of Leslie Charteris and Ruth Rendell

And that’s not counting what’s on my Kindle!


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